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LncTarD is a comprehensive resource which aims to provide experimentally supported key lncRNA-target regulations, their influenced functions and lncRNA-mediated regulatory mechanisms in human diseases and several web-based tools based on single-cell RNA-seq and RNA-seq/microarray data. LncTarD can serve as a timely and valuable resource for understanding functions and molecular mechanisms of lncRNA deregulation in disease pathogenesis, which will help to identify novel and sensitive biomarkers and therapeutic targets in human diseases.

e.g. lncRNA: " HOXA11-AS " Disease: " Breast cancer " Function: " Angiogenesis "

Analysis tools in LncTarD 2.0

Single Cell Web Tools

Single Cell Web Tools: (1) Using pan-cancer analysis module to display differences/similarities of lncRNA-target regulations. (2) Using cancer-specific analysis module to reveal the cancer cell sub-populations specificity of lncRNA-target regulations.

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RNA-seq/microarray Web Tools

RNA-seq/microarray Web Tools provides a global view of expression dynamics of key lncRNA-target regulations using transcriptome data of an 11,373 pan-cancer patient cohort from TCGA, 351 GEO data sets and 17 CTC data sets.

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An overview of LncTarD 2.0

New Features

Exceeding nearly 5,523 key lncRNA-target regulations entries over the previous version. The current release recruits 8,360 key lncRNA-target regulations associations with 419 disease subtypes, 1,355 lncRNAs, 1,743 protein-coding genes, 506 miRNAs and 286 biological functions.

Newly annotating 3,312 of 8,360 experimentally supported lncRNA-target regulations are differentially expressed in the circulating tumor cells (CTCs) of cancer patients, which may represent new diagnostic markers based on 877 CTCs samples across seven cancer types.

Newly adding 536 experimentally supported key lncRNA-target regulations which can modulate the properties of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in 71 human diseases.

Adding experimentally supported clinical application section of 2,894 lncRNA-target regulations including circulating, drug-resistance, metastasis, recurrence and prognosis for potential clinical application.

Newly adding a single cell analysis platform for exploring lncRNA-target regulations in cancers. It provides interactive and customizable functions including two powerful modules:
(1) pan-cancer analysis module: graphically display the differences/similarities of lncRNA-target regulations among cancer types at the single-cell level;
(2) cancer-specific analysis module: reveal the cancer cell sub-populations specificity of lncRNA-target regulations and intra-tumor heterogeneity at the single-cell level.

Updating a RNA-seq/microarray analysis platform for users to visualize lncRNA-target regulations in cancers.The current release recruits 351 RNA-seq/microarray datasets of GEO, 17 RNA-seq datasets of CTC and 11,373 TCGA pan-cancer patient transcriptome data to characterize the dynamics of functional lncRNA-target regulations.

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